Best Radiology Cover of the Century


Unbelievable… we won the best cover award of the Centennial at Radiology’s 100th birthday!

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Radiology magazine, the editors have compiled the top 10 best covers of the century. What fantastic news that in addition to the Best Image Award of 2021, we now even have the best cover of the century!

Thanks to the Editorial team of Radiology for this great honor, and to the anonymous mother who donated this little miracle to the Dutch Fetal Biobank. The authors of the paper ‘Top Covers of the Centennial’, as published January 2023 in Radiology, state the following:

“Imaging is at the core of our practice of radiology. At this historic junction of the journal’s transformation, with an all-time highest impact factor of 29.1, we would like to acknowledge authors of Radiology’s most influential publications and commemorate the top 10 covers of the centennial.”

“From the first time we looked up at the sky through a telescope, to the first moment we saw through human tissue with the help of x-rays, our augmented vision has heralded progress in many instances of human history.”

“The winner of the Top Covers of the Centennial award, from the article titled “Micro-CT of Early Human Development,” is a visually compelling example of this constant progress. The authors presented ultra-high-spatial-resolution micro-CT images of a 3-mm-long 28-day excised ectopic human embryo with detailed depictions of human organ development at a resolution and time point previously unimaginable.”

“Since the journal’s inception in 1923 and as declared in its Mission Statement, Radiology has been publishing “cutting edge and impactful imaging research articles in radiology and medical imaging in order to help improve human health.” As the world’s leading journal in medical imaging, it has stayed at the forefront of radiologic education, research, and innovation. Many of the journal’s groundbreaking articles and their accompanying images are renowned for their historic impact on our profession and patient care.”