Cranial nerve development published in Clinical Anatomy


YES! Our manuscript entitled ‘A three-dimensional analysis of cranial nerve development in human embryos’ got accepted in Clinical Anatomy!

“The development of cranial nerves in human embryos is presented in a comprehensive 3D fashion. In comparison to the rest of the developing brain, a trend could be identified in which relative growth of the cranial nerves increases at early stages, peaks at CS 17 and slowly decreases afterwards. An interactive 3D-PDF is provided to illuminate the development of the cranial nerves in human embryos for educational purposes. This is the first time that volume measurements of cranial nerves in the human embryonic period have been presented.”

Thanks to my great team: Hans Smit, Karl Jacobs, Babette Bais, Berrie Meijer, Marjolein Seinen, Karel de Bree, Tyas Veldhuis, Jaco Hagoort, Kees de Jong, prof. dr. Corstiaan Breugem, prof. dr. Roelof-Jan Oostra, thanks to Amsterdam Reproduction and Development (AR&D), and the De Snoo – van ‘t Hoogerhuijs foundation for their financial support.

“It is dogged that does it…:)”