First Prize at the UvA Alumni Awards


YES!! We won the Alumni Award of the University of Amsterdam!

Yousif Dawood and Dr. Bernadette de Bakker received the Amsterdam University Association Alumnus First Prize 2022. We won this prize, together with em. prof. dr. Raoul Hennekam, prof. dr. Eva Pajkrt, Dr. Maurice van den Hoff and colleagues of Amsterdam Reproduction and Development (AR&D) at Amsterdam UMC, for our work on The Dutch Fetal Biobank.

The jury praised our work for “its major impact in the field of research, its social importance and its strong educational character”, in which countless students within and outside the University of Amsterdam are involved.

A big thanks to all (PhD) students of the Dutch Fetal Biobank, including: Marieke Buijtendijk, Karl Jacobs, Iris Sanou, Mathangi Lakshmipathi, Niels Klop, Naomi Rood, Hans Smit and Peter Lauffer.

Find here an interview with the winner, Yousif Dawood (in Dutch).