Launch of the Little Miracles Foundation


The Launch of the Little Miracles Foundation is Official!

We are proud to announce the establishment of the Little Miracles Foundation, a joint venture of Dr. Bernadette de Bakker, with her sister Madeleine Welkers-de Bakker and two fellow researchers, Daniël Docter and Yousif Dawood.

Every minute, 44 miscarriages occur worldwide, amounting to 23 million annually…(!) One in ten couples experiences pregnancy loss, and one in a hundred couples experiences this tragedy three or more times.

After two or three miscarriages, mothers are eligible for clinical investigations, but why isn’t the embryo or fetus examined? I know from experience that parents grapple with questions of guilt: Why us? Did I work too hard? Did I eat unhealthily? What’s the risk of recurrence?

As a research group at the Dutch Fetal Biobank, we’ve developed unique expertise to conduct groundbreaking research on pregnancy loss. The Little Miracles Foundation aims to elevate the issue on the research agenda, facilitate discussions about it, and more specifically, provides parents the opportunity to have a deceased embryo or fetus examined to potentially diagnose or identify the cause of the loss. We ardently hope our research will eventually help prevent pregnancy loss.

Our initial goal is to swiftly raise at least 1 million euros to purchase a Micro-CT scanner and establish a Fetal Imaging Center. We are proud that the Little Miracles Foundation has obtained ANBI status, which guarantees that every euro donated will be fully utilized for scientific research.

“HOW CAN I HELP?” I often get this question after presenting my research at conferences.

Here’s how you can support our research into pregnancy loss:

1)     Like and share our LinkedIn post.
2)     Spread the word about the Little Miracles Foundation to your network, family, and colleagues.
3)     Looking for a New Year’s resolution? Consider donating via our website.
4)     Talk about pregnancy loss and support couples who face it.

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