Member of Parliament visited the Dutch Fetal Biobank


Jeanet van der Laan, member of the Dutch House of Representatives for D66 with the portfolio of Higher Education and Prevention, paid a working visit to the Dutch Fetal Biobank together with Head of Amsterdam Reproduction and Development (AR&D) Tessa Roseboom and Chris Polman, Chair of the Executive Board and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the VU.

We showed how the Fetal Biobank facilitates education through lectures and student internships, how we facilitate researchers with images and tissues and how we assist clinicians interpreting 3D ultrasound. We hope to make this wonderful local initiative a nationwide project.

 “You see how innovation in embryo research advances education and patient care,” says Van der Laan.

Thanks to Marieke Buijtendijk, Yousif Dawood and Maurice van den Hoff for their fantastic contribution!