Successful Meeting at the Dutch Anatomical Association


As we begin the new year, it’s a pleasure to look back at the successful meeting of the Dutch Anatomical Association. This year, our research group was notably well-represented.

Dr. de Bakker, a board member, played an active role in the symposia on ‘The Gut Microbiome and the Enteric Nervous System’ and the clinical symposium on the vascular system.

The meeting featured three fascinating presentations. Dr. Matthijs Valstar opened with the Bolk lecture titled ‘The Tubarial Glands: A Potential New Organ at Risk for Radiotherapy‘. Following him, Jermo Hanemaaijer delivered a free lecture on the Human Organ Atlas HUB, explicitly inviting all anatomists to collaborate on this unique initiative. Finally, Karl Jacobs gave an intriguing talk on the development of the vascular system during the vascular symposium, showcasing stunning, yet unpublished Micro-CT images of the embryonic vascular system.

In addition to the oral lectures, two posters were presented. Medical student Demi Alblas presented her master thesis titled ‘Studying the Anatomy of the Clitoris. A Systematic Review Combined with Observational Research Using Micro-CT Imaging of Fetal and Adult Clitorises‘. Sophie Visser, a research assistant in our team, concluded the presentations with her review titled ‘Imaging the Early Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy and Placentation‘. Both posters attracted significant attention.

Thanks in part to the successful presentation by Dr. Valstar, who won the Bolk Prize, we can look back on the 185th edition of the NAV symposium as both enjoyable and highly successful!