Three awards for research in collaboration with the Dutch Fetal Biobank!


At the grant ceremony of this year’s Amsterdam Reproduction and Development symposium there were three awards received by brilliant young researchers from our team.

Our newest PhD student Daniël Docter won the team science award to study surgical anatomy in case of birth defects in collaboration with Dr. Ramon Gorter (pediatric surgery) and Prof. Joris Roelofs, MD PhD (Pathology).

PhD student Nikki Hubers of Prof. Dorret Boomsma’s group of the Netherlands Twin Register won the other team science grant to study the epigenetic signature of monozygotic twinning in collaboration with Dr. Peter Henneman, Prof. Marcel Mannens, Dr. Carrie Ris-Stalpers and Dr. Jenny van Dongen.

Our PhD student Marieke Buijtendijk won a travel grant to visit the department of paediatric and fetal cardiology at King’s College, London.

Congrats to all winners and fellow researchers!

Thanks to the hosts of this symposium Velja Mijatovic and Ank de Jonge, the jury members for their efforts and to AR&D for making this beautiful research possible.