When Science, Society, and Policy converge


A memorable day today, when we had the honor of hosting a delegation of municipal advisors, led by Alderman for Care in Amsterdam, Alexander Scholtes at the Dutch Fetal Biobank.

Under the esteemed invitation of Prof. Dr. Mark Kramer from the board of directors at Amsterdam UMC, and Prof. Dr. Tessa Roseboom both dr. Maurice van den Hoff and Dr. Bernadette de Bakker had the privilege to discuss our work.

Since 2017, the selfless and anonymous donations of embryos or fetuses by countless parents have paved the way for our groundbreaking research into human development. It’s remarkable to consider that we’ve already collaborated with over 45 (inter)national scientific partners, sharing invaluable data and tissues.

Beyond its vast scientific implications, the fetal biobank plays a pivotal role in educating the next generation of doctors, biomedics, midwives, and sonographers. Such interactions highlight the interplay between science and society, and we’re deeply appreciative that the city council members Alexander ScholtesFemke BlokhuisRichard Panneman and Nicole ten Bosch dedicated their time to gain insight into this initiative. A special shoutout to Alexander Scholtes (D66) for his genuine curiosity, and thought-provoking questions. Thank you for bridging the gap between policy and progress.

Thanks to Mirjam van Belzen of Public Affairs Amsterdam UMC for organizing this event.

Picture taken by Maurice van den Hoff.